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April 30 2012

2 years already.

2 years ago today we brought a new little person into the world, and in a way I became a new person myself. Quinn has changed my life in more incredible ways than I ever could have imagined, and I […]

November 1 2011

Moore Family Photos – Queen Elizabeth Park

I love fall. It’s the time of year when I carry my camera (not just my iphone) with me everywhere.  So I’m even more excited when my clients want photo shoots in the fall, keeps me from just wandering aimlessly […]

May 19 2011

Oro – Brand New

Rob & Anna (who you met in the previous post)  are now the proud parents of baby Oro.  We had this little visit when he was just 10 days old. Most babies sleep through these sessions, but not this little […]

April 23 2010

Clancy Family

There’s something so exciting about having the opportunity to shoot the evolution of a family, from engagement to wedding to baby. And in this particular situation it’s even more special because it’s my sister’s family. I couldn’t possibly love my […]

June 4 2009

Baby Love – Newborn

I made some time a few weeks ago to get some more shots of my adorable nephew. I realized I hadn’t made a point of bringing my Canon 5d with me to their place since he was born. Even since […]