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June 17 2009

Jennifer’s Qmunity

Jennifer came to me a couple of weeks ago, through my dear friend and Communications Guru Paul Nixey (, looking to have some professional headshots taken. She’s the Executive Director of what used to be The Centre, and has now completed a major style overhaul to become “Qmunity: BC’s Queer Resource Centre”. Jennifer is simply a fantastic human being, and a major part of this great resource that offers community services and programs to celebrate and support the gay community.


We definitely didn’t stay serious long. Every 2nd or 3rd shot looks like this, or is blurry from me laughing too hard.


Jennifer was nervous at first, but worked it. About halfway through, she had to devise a way to work through the giggles, and would count to three beforeĀ  “…..aaaaaaannnnd BACK!”…and immediately turned the thoughtful serious pose back on.


Taking a break to excitedly show Paul a classic Steve Winwood album she found while rummaging through the used records. (I use the term “classic” loosely).



Gotta love the late evening sunlight.


Thanks Jennifer! I had a blast.


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  • Pamela CooperJune 18, 2009

    Hi Jana,

    I am Jennifer’s mother. I miss her very much, we live in Ottawa. You have captured her beautifully. I am so grateful to you. You are obviously very talented. But, how did you get her to wear lipstick? Never seen that in my life. Thanks for being your talented self, Pamela

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